A Poisoned Family 

We were given an anecdote in class today. The lecturer told us of a typical family that is served food everyday by the same house help. One evening, the said house help purposely poisoned the family’s supper, and everyone got sick and was rushed to hospital. Luckily, the effects were not severe and they all got treated and were back home to go on with their lives. 

On getting back, the wife wanted to let the help go but the husband was reluctant. His excuse: The wife has had a number of house helps prior to this one and keeps letting them go. The husband claimed he was good enough to let all the previous ones go but “Not this time” he said. The wife was clearly going out of her way to put all their house helps out of work. Plus… He continued, where would they get a house help who understood the kids and knew exactly what to do without being told? 

Now, if you have heard this story before, good for you. If not, it’s still okay. If you were in my class and you heard the story differently, yes, I changed bits of it, but still kept the main theme going. 

The challenge here is, there is an intermediary that handles a very significant factor in the family, and one part is ready to fix it, but the other remains reluctant in choosing what is best for the family. 

All in all, let us hope that the family will still be united in the end. Because if not, trouble within any family is never good. Dirty laundry may start getting aired out. 

PS. Understand at your own will. 

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12/10/2017 3:53 pm

Haha… Interesting. So amazing

13/10/2017 10:33 am

A nice article. Looking forward to more articles

Florah Oluoch
Florah Oluoch
13/10/2017 8:18 pm

I felt connected,,, nice one

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