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Short Story #3a

I have a cold, and was rained on today. So, I found that reason enough to take it as a reminder to post this before Thursday ends, because that’s how deadlines see my boots! I feel much better [from the cold] and might actually sleep better that I did last night, if at all. This is another short story that I kept telling myself needed a second part too many times that I actually gave it a part B. **we still have no title for this, so we’ll just call it ‘Short Story 3a’ for now Short Story 3a If …
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The Final Words of Carina Smyth

“The final words of Carina Smyth. Good sirs, I’m not a witch but I forgive your common dim witlessness and feeble brains. In short, most of you have the mind of a goat.” Good sir Do you see? Rain washes down Everything Drenching me Flowing with Thoughts of you *** I am getting into a pirate phase, so brace yourselves. I am watching Taika Waititi’s ‘Our Flag Means Death’ which so far is perfection, and reading Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island and the captain, who was already my favorite, has fallen to his death. What’s left is curating the perfect …
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A lot of things are great about the cold weather being here [I understand it is summer elsewhere, bear with me]. Things like socks, where we can now have them on all day and night without feet being too hot [or maybe it is you that is hot and socks can suck it]. Nights when it would get so uncomfortable in them that your toes have trained themselves to superhuman abilities of removing socks without help are long gone. Socks make everything better, and especially when it is cold. You can walk around without bothering about slippers in the house …
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The Boy and His Ball

Short Story #2

Time seems to keep losing track of me, but what is important is that we’re here, and we’re done. As promised, here is the second stort story that I wrote early this year. *** The Boy and His Ball The fear was still present in her chest. Fear that had crippled the whole world in different magnitudes. Nancy still felt it, despite having watched the news last night and this morning. The Minister of Health had stated clearly that the nation was free of the disease. We had won. Triumphed over the coughing and chest pains and death. Oh the …
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Scarlet Thread

When you meet love, you’ll know That’s what they say Even before you see their face How you know without knowing A scarlet thread in play I like that and me toos The similarities insane You will never think of anything like this It doesn’t exist until it does      Until it dies When you meet love, you’ll pretend Not for not seeing him For your sanity and repeat mistakes And you will convince love to leave   Then whisper begging him to turn back I love yous you won’t mean The separation deafening You will wish for something like it For …
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Is it Thursday, still?

I have had a series of events that have forcefully reminded me how much I dislike broken promises. I have turned myself inside out trying to figure out if there is something in my existence that makes the universe this cruel, then I remembered I am the Khaleesi of broken promises. So, I do not come here with a promise to keep at it. I come, hat in hand, as just a girl, who is trying to remember if she actually liked you kids, or if this was just another way for me to break my own promises. This post, …
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Some Short Stories #1

I wrote some short stories last year, and would like to share them with you kids. Some of them got shortlisted, some got on some long lists, and some I simply enjoyed writing. They will be posted in no order up till Jan 31st when we start the new year. I don’t think I can explain my not posting last year. Maybe I will sometime, but then again, who knows. If you’ve read them all, good for you. If you haven’t, I’m so happy you get to experience my phychotic breaks of 2021. And yeah, I planned on posting these …
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Hush Hush

Disclaimer; This post may be all over the place. It was written in a whole lot of places. There are a lot of things that cross your mind when you stand by the graveside of someone you knew. It’s even weird just talking about them in the past tense, simply because the last time their lungs filled with air was yesterday, a few minutes ago, last week, last year. They’re gone, and there is literally nothing you can do about it. You know, because if there was, you would do it in a heartbeat. If the universe came up with …
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Yo! The Mic Is On

She starts off with a ballad. Professing her deepest desires. The ballad is of other people. People living their lives, creating mental pictures and passing messages. She sings this song for a little over a minute, until you realize the whole thing is one huge ballad. “Back then I thought that all you needed to do was have a good voice, turn on the microphone and use that particular platform” But after high school, she realized she needed a little bit more education to compliment her good voice. For her, the roadmap was through poaching. That’s how she thought it …
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