Malcolm and Marie; A Rant

Since everyone was talking about Malcolm and Marie, I decided to watch it. No, I lie. I don’t care what anyone thinks. I wanted to see the film since the first trailer was released.  I just wanted to watch it after everything was calm. After the film critics had given their takes and the crowd had applauded or condemned it. It is the same reason to my watching Bridgerton this week. I liked the movie from the trailers. It was full of red flags and emotion, two things that go hand in hand.

Malcolm and Marie is an investigation into what makes them work. Into why Marie allows him to insult her while eating her food. Into what makes them such an incompatible pair that they seem like a couple that needed to be together to finally be apart [Do you get that?]

I watched it yesterday, and I would like to bring you into a world I create for them.

Malcolm is young. He writes as a hobby. It is something he wants to do professionally, but he has never been a creative. His brain only lulls. There is no spark begging to be ignited in his writing. He lacks an edge. His writing has no life. No breath.

Marie is full of life. Her insides scream to be released. She has a longing for better times. Where she is, lying on a cardboard box in the alley with no family, she hangs between her longing and facts. Truth allows her to accept that she may die here, or at a similar place. She may be lucky to end up in a hospital bed, dying with antiseptic in the air. She has nothing to live for, and yet everything to live for. She hangs on the balance.

When they meet, Malcolm a self-righteous arsehole and Marie a suicidal mess, they are connected. It may be the same thing that connects the North Pole to the South. The same thing that unites the positive and negative ends of a battery. It may be purely coincidental. But Malcolm lays his eyes on her and knows this is his ticket. Marie looks at him and wonders what kind of death he brings.

They remember this meet. It is a turning point for both parties. For Malcolm, Marie is his muse. The guide to his next masterpiece. The star of his next film [that they come from when we meet them]. To him, she is someone who can help him out of the hole no one actually dug.

For Marie, he is an excuse. A get out of jail free card. Malcolm represents everything she wants to be; clean. She has longed for someone like him to look her way, and finally, FINALLY, he has. He is put together where she falls apart. Intact where she holds her cracks. He is to be her savior. From the alley, the drugs, the upside down life. She sees his greed. His malevolence. She just ignores it. She knows that look. Everyone around her has had it since she was nine years old. A look that suggests she is more than she actually is. That gives her purpose. That provides the validity she needs in her life.

Together, they are perfect. At least at first. They complete parts of each other they didn’t even know they had. They see parts of themselves in the other. Together they are more broken than they were apart.

Malcolm holds Marie’s hand as she gets clean. Through the sweating and the shakes. At one point, she looks at his face and sees genuine concern. He appears to actually care for her. But she also sees the greed. He wants something from her. She is unsure what will happen once he gets it.

As she gets clean, Malcolm sees the potential that Marie represents. He basks in it. Savors it. He knows he must make use of it at some point, but for now, he only wants her clean. Well enough to regale her tale to him. To open up. Tell him her story. Why was she in that alley? Is family involved? Is there anyone else to help him care for her? All he has are questions, and Marie is comfortable enough to answer them in due time.

It takes her a while to open up, but she eventually does. This is something she comes to regret later. Giving him the privilege to tell her story without involving her. Allowing him to cut her out of her own narrative.

Malcolm and Marie starts off with Malcolm in a celebratory mood. A celebration that Marie does not seem to share. He celebrates the success of a movie he based on her. Her life before him. Inside, she wishes she had the chance to tell it herself. She wishes she had the option to say yes and no. To choose things that did not work for her, like the topless scene that takes away the protagonist’s power. All she has left are wishes. That she never told him her story. That she never trusted him. That she could say no or yes to at least one prop. What she got was a chance to review dialogue. To suggest that this or that would best be said is such a manner. That was all. Words that came from her mouth sounded strange in Taylor’s tongue. She will have to live with it.

She could leave and let him look for his next project. She should. But he is nothing without her. His first thought when he wakes up is her. Where is she? What is she doing? If she leaves, he will break. He may possibly get his own movie after all. I don’t think she will, though.


Well, kids, this was a little different. I watched this film and so many things swirled in my mind that I HAD to place them somewhere. My first rant of the year.

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11/02/2021 12:18 pm

Look, I watched this movie. NEVER could my mind have gone where yours has. Amazing!

11/02/2021 12:31 pm

Wow. So beautifully put

Siobhan Gale
Siobhan Gale
11/02/2021 10:20 pm

I don’t think I’ve heard of this. Sounds worth checking out. Thanks for this! Siobhan ♡ | <a href=”” > Vegan Babe Life</a>

Mike Mills
Mike Mills
14/02/2021 10:15 am

Interesting take on the film.

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