Dancing On Tables

It often happens that I meet people I never thought I would again when I am totally zoned out while walking, thinking about pancakes or a cute puppy that I just discovered on Instagram, or trying to remember a new word I just read and forgot to write down so it slipped my mind. It happens a lot [everything from meeting these folks to recalling that bedlam means chaos] and most times, it is a huge pain, mostly because after the meeting and exchanging numbers, we will most definitely never talk. But sometimes, and very rarely, it morphs into a …
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Thursday, 10th May of 2018

Today’s post was supposed to be about disappointments. About “why it is a road full of disappointments”. By it I meant why the sundry shop of existence is filled with so much wrongs for the deeds we term as right for our paths. I had planned it since last Friday. I already knew which weird synonyms I would use and I practically had the whole piece placed in my head. Heck, I even knew what the first paragraph would be, word for word. I had written it and corrected it so many times that it was perfect for you. Perfect …
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In A Western Stalemate

Someone told me that my karma is my memory. I didn’t agree. Obviously. What could that even mean? I’ve heard karma is a bitch, so were they saying that my memory is a bitch? And what kind of bitch? The cute poodle kind or the kind that is spoken to some and leads to palms covering chapped separated lips that know too much lipstick right after the sudden breath of air that seems to originate from somewhere in the back of the throat and ends immediately after? Was it that my memory is the kind of karma that is commonly …
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A Trip Down Memory Lane

Remember when boys were the most disgusting beings? When we could not stand the sight of them in their skinny hairless legs clad in school uniform shorts and their torn shoes due to too much football in the field where we should have been skipping rope. When they were already dusty by 10.00 am while our previous night pressed dresses were immaculate till the last bell rang and we could escape to the safety of our homes where the perfect boys, our fathers and brothers were. If your brothers were bullies like the boys at school, then I am sorry …
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I have stage fright. It’s crazy, I know. I converse pretty well with people one-on-one especially with those I am comfortable around. Averagely well with people I don’t know. Sometimes, though, I get back to my default settings and just stare at my phone even when there is nothing to look at. I have also been told that this is a bad habit but hey…a leopard can’t change right? Anyway, put me before the same people I am able to talk to, mixed a little bit with people I don’t know, and well, let’s just say all hell breaks loose. …
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What Is Your Biggest Fear?

Fear. The four letter word that does to me what it was meant to. Scares me blind. Uncle Google says that Fear is a feeling induced by perceived danger or threat that occurs in certain types of organisms, which causes a change in metabolic and organ functions and ultimately a change in behavior, such as fleeing, hiding, or freezing from perceived traumatic events. I think that one’s biggest fear is something else. I think it is the crippling feeling you get when you are faced with a situation or thing that you cannot run from. What is your biggest fear? …
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Welcome To ME

It’s late. Almost half past 2.  Yesterday, while I was making my usual late night meal for when I’m up at ungodly hours, I was holding a matchbox and something hit me.  You ever wondered how a matchbox is a universal thing (unless you live elsewhere in the universe and don’t know what I’m talking about)?  How it exists in all households, in both mansions and slums. Like laughter. (This comparison is not inclusive of the 5 shillings required to purchase a matchbox), though you can but laughter though purchasing of bundles to look at memes.  I can’t sleep again …
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Japanese Splitz

I was with another amazing soul today and we were talking of the fundamentals of a happy life. Fundamental. That’s a funny word.  He said that the Kirubis and Chandarias, with all that coin in their accounts, have a 98 percent chance of not being as happy as the Tom and Harrys who can only afford to get their basic necessities. I know, this is something we all say. It might, on one part, be the reason behind the phrase “ukifika huko juu usinisahau”.  Is it that we see the lack of content so early that we have the need …
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Millennial Boychild Doomsday(Part 2)

This past week I have been approached endlessly by the boys who read the first part of this piece, saying that I was only writing about what the girls thought of the situation. Now I tried to convince them that I needed more insight into what their side thought, so I could also tell that side of this story, before I also get accused of belittling the boychild.  Boys claim to not be able to express themselves. That girls can talk about their issues without being judged by anyone, but once a male child starts saying what bugs him, he …
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What If I Was An Island? 

I made pancakes today. They were pretty good. It’s weird how with time, I feel like I am getting better at making them. Yesterday I had an idea of selling them to people. 10 shillings or 15 depending on the size.  That would be an easy way to make some money. Then I could get to buy some things that I know I need in this house. But then my body is unwilling to move. I know that I am a very lazy human being. And even if I start making those pancakes to sell, I would eventually stop because …
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