Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts

The Afghan Hound

She hasn’t texted.It feels like I have so much unfinished business concerning her. The Jacked Up Stranger chick.Link to it if you are among the few who know not what I am talking about is this: https://notyetadults.wordpress.com/2018/07/13/jacked-up-stranger-the-meet/Is it right calling ladies chicks? Sometimes people remove the ‘k’ to make it more bearable. But doesn’t that only serve the purpose of enhancing the effect of the word? But this is not a morality piece. This is about she who has not texted.It sucks, being blue-ticked all this time. I posted the first post about her thinking that it would trigger her …
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Being An Introvert.

First things first. Coast was amazing and hot and beautiful and chaotic and did I mention hot? It was so hot I seriously considered sleeping outside on a mkeka and being a Nakuru person, that is saying a lot. There was so much to see and do and complain about and enjoy and have a bus full of students lost in its industrial area. It was actually my first time there and I have never been happier to lose the v-card as I am at the moment. If you haven’t caught on yet, I am trying to say that I …
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Jacked Up Stranger: The Meet

Sitting in a matatu has to be the most stressful thing of this lifetime. I’m not only talking about finding the perfect seat. It begins with the matatu itself. It needs certain levels of perfection that need to be quickly assessed. Are the seats well spaced or will I reach my destination with cramped feet? Does it look roadworthy or will it disrupt your schedule by breaking down somewhere in no man’s land where you can’t get another means of transportation? This assessment is done in the three seconds you have as the matatu glides magestically past. One wrong move …
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I Feel Different.

I feel different. Like I am the only one who is different And I fucking love that I never have to follow the written down rules For being the one who is not like the rest It’s crazy A little different The one that is different I like that Being unique in yourself Being not perfect Loving who comes and letting go of those who let go I really like that Because conformity is not right Agreeing with all that comes your way is not right And it’s been going on for a few days, yes I’m still pretty excited …
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What Is Your Biggest Fear?

Fear. The four letter word that does to me what it was meant to. Scares me blind. Uncle Google says that Fear is a feeling induced by perceived danger or threat that occurs in certain types of organisms, which causes a change in metabolic and organ functions and ultimately a change in behavior, such as fleeing, hiding, or freezing from perceived traumatic events. I think that one’s biggest fear is something else. I think it is the crippling feeling you get when you are faced with a situation or thing that you cannot run from. What is your biggest fear? …
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Welcome To ME

It’s late. Almost half past 2.  Yesterday, while I was making my usual late night meal for when I’m up at ungodly hours, I was holding a matchbox and something hit me.  You ever wondered how a matchbox is a universal thing (unless you live elsewhere in the universe and don’t know what I’m talking about)?  How it exists in all households, in both mansions and slums. Like laughter. (This comparison is not inclusive of the 5 shillings required to purchase a matchbox), though you can but laughter though purchasing of bundles to look at memes.  I can’t sleep again …
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What If I Was An Island? 

I made pancakes today. They were pretty good. It’s weird how with time, I feel like I am getting better at making them. Yesterday I had an idea of selling them to people. 10 shillings or 15 depending on the size.  That would be an easy way to make some money. Then I could get to buy some things that I know I need in this house. But then my body is unwilling to move. I know that I am a very lazy human being. And even if I start making those pancakes to sell, I would eventually stop because …
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There is this piece, by Samuel Schudder. “Take This Fish And Look At It”. I read it in class last semester and it did seem farmiliar, but I just could not place it. A few days ago, however, before I wrote “Looking At The Drapes”  I remembered where I had first seen it. I was thirteen years old, and in my final year in primary school. The head mistress had called me to her office, and as I waited on her, I saw it on a seat placed outside her office.  The reason I recall this particular piece is because …
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Ever connected with someone at a level so deep, you know you can never dig yourself out even if you tried?  And not with just anyone. Not a person you have grown up with, or a school mate you we’re forced to interact with. I’m talking of an eruption of friendship and closeness with a total stranger.  Someone you shared a table with at a random restaurant or we’re introduced to for the first time by a mutual friend. Someone you never saw coming, so being set up does not count. Someone who just emersed themselves into your life so …
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I have this friend, who I love with all my heart. I love her to the moon and back especially because she has the brightest of souls. She brings light to a room when she walks into one. She is the kind that I know I can count on, no matter what. Let’s call her Shirley. Shirley is amazing. And I’m not just saying that because I want a pack of oreos next time she comes visiting. I’m not saying she is so just to get a couple of eclairs from her next time I see her. But I like …
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