Tag: #friendship


Ever connected with someone at a level so deep, you know you can never dig yourself out even if you tried? 

And not with just anyone. Not a person you have grown up with, or a school mate you we’re forced to interact with. I’m talking of an eruption of friendship and closeness with a total stranger. 

Someone you shared a table with at a random restaurant or we’re introduced to for the first time by a mutual friend. Someone you never saw coming, so being set up does not count. Someone who just emersed themselves into your life so suddenly that you had to come up for air. So suddenly that you had to literally think of ways to manage the connection. 

Ever had a soft spot for someone you didn’t really know? Whose name you only know the first but it doesn’t really matter because your ship goes beyond last names? 
A connection so concentrated that the chemistry is undeniable. It almost seems animalistic because you have never seen anything like it in humans. 

Ever related to another being so much you think of calling your parents if only to confirm that you do not have a long lost twin? So much that you feel like dancing all around a room full of strangers, because you know they can never have what is between your new friend and you. 

Ever known someone so well that you finish their sentences and they yours on your second meet? That you give them your secrets, those intricate parts you hold dear, unknowingly, and only realize it when the damage is done. 

Ever had that one person, that one angel, sent to you and only you because they belong in your life? 
Have you ever had that? 

Because I don’t believe I have.