Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous


I’m looking at the drapes So thick and full of life Do they also have hopes?  Even as they block out the light?  Do they know what beauty they block out?  Like a layer used to paint the face.  Do they realize they are just but a barrier?  And inside is a cage of rage A caged beast lacking an outlet A beast forced to forget Her mind is still clear She knows she lives a lie She knows the drapes hang because of her mistakes But she has to be in with the crowd Doesn’t want to be the …
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She’s Having His Baby..? 

I’m standing here, wishing to a higher power that I had not heard those words uttered in the room I am in. I send a silent prayer to whoever is listening. I need the ringing in my ears to stop. My sight blurs. Did this piece just say she is pregnant? That she has my man’s baby inside her?  “Show me proof,” I say to her with as much calmness as I can muster. She laughs. Not because I am funny. I mean… Yes I am, but I wasn’t trying to be two seconds ago. She releases another laugh, maybe …
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Ever connected with someone at a level so deep, you know you can never dig yourself out even if you tried?  And not with just anyone. Not a person you have grown up with, or a school mate you we’re forced to interact with. I’m talking of an eruption of friendship and closeness with a total stranger.  Someone you shared a table with at a random restaurant or we’re introduced to for the first time by a mutual friend. Someone you never saw coming, so being set up does not count. Someone who just emersed themselves into your life so …
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Jesse,  First things first, I need to calm my nerves. I didn’t think you would actually read the letter I sent. My hands are shaky, I can’t even hold a glass of water right. I’m sweating through the keyboard right now. At one point I think I forgot to breathe. But that could just be this weather and maybe I am coming down with a cold. You know how terrible my flu usually is, I need not explain.  Now, I have a few concerns about the said reply letter that got to me early Sunday morning.  One. In your letter …
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Well, I’m 20 I have lived happy Loved many Felt crappy Broken few Been broken But I still smile I still live Because there are many who no longer do I still love Because there are those who have never felt it I still get to feel crappy Because bad days are always right there Life may not be clear Mainly because I will still love And for this I will still get burnt But I’m only 20 And nobody gets to judge Because being 20 I am allowed mistakes I am allowed to bend some rules Allowed to make …
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Then I Was Knocking

I decided on the sleek Mercedes taxi because I know he never liked the ordinary. I needed him to know that I still knew him, even in the details he hides from the world.  Three months apart had done its damage to us, but now that I was back, I was going to look him straight in the eye and say that I was going nowhere. That he is stuck with me. That no two month piece that he had would destroy us. Now that I was back, we would pick up from April. So I walked up to his …
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