Is it Thursday, still?


I have had a series of events that have forcefully reminded me how much I dislike broken promises. I have turned myself inside out trying to figure out if there is something in my existence that makes the universe this cruel, then I remembered I am the Khaleesi of broken promises.

So, I do not come here with a promise to keep at it. I come, hat in hand, as just a girl, who is trying to remember if she actually liked you kids, or if this was just another way for me to break my own promises.

This post, except for these first three paragraphs, were written on the day they said we can take off our masks. Now, they’re asking us to put them back on, and I am. I might actually be happier about it since I am back to talking to myself behind it, in public, and it is pure bliss. So, enjoy this maybe uninteresting run of my borderline anger at who I cannot pinpoint, and what I may never change about writing for y’all: ranting.


It’s a curious thing; getting rid of masks. We have had more than 20 months of having our faces covered and suddenly, I can see people’s lips moving and it seems wrong. It feels like we are breaking society by uncovering our faces. Like uncorking a volcano that is bubbling hot, ready to take Pompeii and all that is in it.

How we bullied the government to allow us to reveal faces is beyond me. A can of worms has been released, and so much has changed overnight.

Now, touts have taken back their previous entitlement. I see their stretched hands and want to recoil and rock myself to oblivion. They come at me, arms stretched out ready to place it on the small of my back just to usher me in the vehicle and my blood boils. 

In the era of masks, they’d let me walk. I mean, sure, they would come at me, but I had the time to throw eyes at them and have them step back, because all they could see of my face was my eyes, so they had to look in them. Now, they have miles and miles of face to distract them, and there is only so much rage one can show with their nose (even if it could move that way)

And sure, you will put me together with the “I went to Alliance” and “I don’t go to CBD” peeps, but to that I say, I didn’t go to Alliance. I am wearing my mask, not for the disease but for the nduthi rides, and the dust (probably the cold too when the weather changes). I wear it for Robert Pattinson’s Batman who, like his fellows, has his whole body covered except for the part I will. I wear it for Catwoman’s wanting mask that looks like her cats tore into and left just enough fabric to cover part of her face and head. I wear it for Gotham, and the last season of the Peaky Blinders. I am a woman of no limitations, and with Polly gone, someone has to keep it classy, so I will, with a face mask on. I wear it for the touts in town who  stretch out their hands to me, as if I am Taylor Swift at a concert. As if I am the sandaled philosopher riding a donkey into the town that desecrates my home. A town that was already overwhelming, but has transformed back into the unmasked hell I once knew. 

A study was published in 2009, in the European Journal of Social Psychology [I found it in these Google holes I often find myself in] that found it takes between 18 to 254  hours to form a new habit. It also said it takes about 66 days for a new behavior to become automatic. So, to the unmaskers, are you inhuman? Do you breathe? Were you represented in this study or did they come to their dings with vibes and inshallah? I have questions, like, how do you unmask and not feel naked? Is there a ritual I need to do, offerings to what deity? Share your secrets!

I wear a mask for those that do not wear them, because if not me, who? I don’t know much, but I know it’s a curious thing, getting rid of masks.


Anyway, I stopped wearing my mask, but it is back on my face, and everything is right with the world again.

PS. No promises, but I may rant, or continue with Short story #2. See you Thursday, kids!

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Jack Sparrow
Jack Sparrow
30/06/2022 9:22 pm

Hilarious. You still like Batman, lol😂

Kate W
Kate W
30/06/2022 9:27 pm

Here for Short Story #2. I always enjoy reading you irregardless* (aki I had to)

30/06/2022 10:05 pm

First to comment about being the first to comment

01/07/2022 2:33 pm

That batman bit had me smiling😄

02/07/2022 8:23 am

Yees for Polly and Solomon’s restored reputation haha. With glasses, earrings, earphones, and masks hadi maskio zichoke.

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