Scarlet Thread

When you meet love, you’ll know

That’s what they say

Even before you see their face

How you know without knowing

A scarlet thread in play

I like that and me toos

The similarities insane

You will never think of anything like this

It doesn’t exist until it does

     Until it dies

When you meet love, you’ll pretend

Not for not seeing him

For your sanity and repeat mistakes

And you will convince love to leave

  Then whisper begging him to turn back

I love yous you won’t mean

The separation deafening

You will wish for something like it

For moons on end until

   Out of the blue, love returns

And oh! Perfection

Love will be love, you know

Hearts with melodies for days on end

Even before you see their face

   The scarlet thread of murder

I missed that and hellos

Behold, all parts still fit

Fire blazes beneath

When you return to love, it’s better

     Burns brighter

Love will remind you of…love

And the pain when he was away

Love will speak to your dreams

Deceive you to remove walls

     The scarlet thread on your heart

When you meet love, you wish!

Before your eyes, alteration

How you know without knowing

The first time you feel the shift

     Deep in your bones and scarlet

Your delusion was your folly

It will act like those that raised you

The wait for things that weren’t coming

People that kept forgetting

Breaking word

Saying and not meaning it

     It may not even realize the cracking

Hold on, baby, you’re losing it

Black as rain and you’ll say

Take me back and you’ll beg

What’s going on?

     And again and again and again

You retreat and recoil

Forgive and forget

But do you?

Do you believe?

     When you meet him, do you know?

So long, and nothing yet

Too far, train and forget

What’s going on?

     And again and again and again

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07/07/2022 6:54 pm

Felt this in my chwest, Again and again and again

07/07/2022 7:01 pm

Sending hugs, love this ❤

Jack Sparrow
Jack Sparrow
07/07/2022 7:34 pm

Beautiful piece of work

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